Supercar Mafia has teamed up with TheStradman and Makes and Models to allow one lucky person to win the sickest McLaren 570S on the planet. That’s right – we’re giving away a McLaren! One lucky person is going to get a call from Supercar Mafia on December 24, 2018 and learn that they have won TheStradman’s McLaren 570S.

Entering the sweepstakes to win the McLaren is simple! You may enter by purchasing merchandise on this website. If you buy a T-shirt, you’ll 5 get entries in the sweepstakes. Order a hat and you’re entered 6 times. And we’re adding new merchandise frequently. Soon we’ll offer hoodies, polo shirts, insulated water bottles, posters, lanyards, and even SCM socks. You also get entries by becoming a Supercar Mafia VIP member. A paid membership will give you 2 entries for every month you are a member. We also have a one-time introductory Supercar Mafia VIP Membership that gives you both a T-shirt and a VIP Membership, as well as 15 entries! There’s no limit to the amount of merch you buy or the number of times you are entered in the sweepstakes. We think it’s a pretty good deal. Think of it this way – if you buy a lottery ticket and lose, what do you have? Nothing but a worthless piece of paper. If you buy a T-shirt from SCM and you don’t win, you still have an awesome T-shirt!

Once you have purchased merchandise from the Supercar Mafia store, your name and corresponding entries are automatically and immediately put in the sweepstakes database. You don’t have to do anything else other than sit back and wait for your SCM swag to arrive! To check the number of entries you have in the current sweepstakes, simply log in to this website and go to your account and click on Entries.

You may also enter by mail. For more information, see the Official Rules.

So, are you ready for a chance to win the sickest McLaren 570S on the planet?