Supercar Mafia is the worldwide information center for all things related to supercars, hypercars, and megacars (collectively supercars). It is a cultural movement founded by automotive enthusiasts who eat, breathe and sleep all things supercar. It is an effort by those fortunate enough to own and drive modern supercars to allow other likeminded supercar enthusiasts an opportunity to own and drive one as well.

The most exciting aspect of Supercar Mafia for most people is our supercar giveaway! SCM is currently giving away a 2017 McLaren 570S. But we weren’t satisfied with giving away a bone-stock 570S. This one belongs to TheStradman and is being built by Makes and Models to be the most wicked 570S on the planet. See the specs and the build sheet on the McLaren.

Supercar Mafia is also a news and media outlet. We are a publisher of original supercar content, as well as a resource for enthusiasts to read about the news and events that are shaping the supercar world. SCM want’s to be your single source for anything and everything supercar.

Creating new and exciting content about supercars is at the heart of Supercar Mafia. Most of you are familiar with TheStradman’s YouTube channel. While James’ YouTube channel is independent of Supercar Mafia, he is one of the owners of SCM and is a driving force behind our quest for original content. As we develop Supercar Mafia, we will be adding exciting content to The Supercar Mafia YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Instagram @the_supercar_mafia and Facebook as The Supercar Mafia. Keep an eye on these social media accounts as they will include social media-only weekly contests for SCM apparel, tickets to automotive events like the Pirelli World Challenge races, and occasionally big items like Apple iPads.

In the never-ending quest to bring you quality and original content, Supercar Mafia will be producing a television show focusing not only on the performance aspects of supercars, but also the culture, lifestyle, and events surrounding them. The show is currently in pre-production and we expect it to launch in the next 12-18 months.

Supercar Mafia is also involved in racing supercars. SCM is a sponsor of the Makes and Models race team, the very team that won the 2018 NASA Utah 6-Hour Endurance race driving the Harward Media Lamborghini Super Trofeo. Additionally, SCM will be fielding a team in the 2019 Utah 6-Hour Endurance race and one of the drivers will be TheStradman!

As you can see, the goal of Supercar Mafia is to become your primary resource for any and all information regarding the supercar world. Plus, you might just win a supercar!